Turin: Strolling with Mistery

Strolling with Mistery is not about the magic of Turin but the one and only unconventional walking tour, far from the routes most beaten by the tourists aimed at disclosing the best kept secrets and those misterious events that made Turin wordly reknown for its legends, illusions and symbols.

You’ll learn about the misterious events happend inside the Cathedral of Torino, host of the Holy Shroud, the 3 misterious coffins discovered in the cellar, the female healer of the possessed, the sect of abisnthe and much more. Strolling with mistery is based on documented historical events, nothing is fiction. Enjoy Turin from a different point of view with stories of exorcists, sorcerers and unsolved murders, walking beside lavish Baroque residences hidden in the backstreets of the old town.

Info and bookings

Ph. +393355654663

Tour available in Italian and English


Saturday evening


Departure at 8.45 pm

Piazza Castello (In front of the church of San Lorenzo)

Duration: 2 hours

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