Definying luxury is a hard task. We won’t provide you with a vocabulary based understanding of this concept.

We’d rather provide you with our own view of luxury.

Forget about 5 stars resorts, private jets or newly launched yachts.

Travelling is the real luxury for us. Giving yourself the chance to fully dive into the local contexts and visiting the most remoted natural and human built wonders is what we consider priceless.

For us, at Travelfurther, luxury means “experience”: travel further, travel truly, travel deeply.

There is a number of marvellous places willing to welcome you and let you discover their wonders and let you dive into their culture, their unique ambience and sensitivity few travellers made it to experience.

Thus, why not heading towards one of the most isolated hotels on the planet, lost in the middle of nowhere and have a ride into the deepest wilderness of the outback? Why not spending your time with the real Native Australians in a small shelter on the beach, equipped with every comfort and facilities in an aboriginal Sanctuary where you will get to learn the history of this unique people?

Why not safely witness the violence of the storming Ocean from an exclusive resort hanging on one of the most isolated cliffs of Canada?

Why not have a romantic candle light sleep inside one of the most celebrated Moroccan Ksar?

Whatever your destination will be you can choose to include in your itinerary one or more of such exclusive experiences that will stay into your memories forever.

If your budget is “open” your entire trip will be designed accordingly. Your Travelfurther itinerary will be fully customized and exclusive.

This is our meaning of luxury.

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