A brief stop on our journey from Chichen Itza to Merida takes us to the magical Itzmal: the yellow city.

A beautiful village, where the yellow color lights up all the streets of the old town and where the atmosphere of Mexico is, I think we are looking for so much and finding us on this journey wraps and surprises us.

From the point of view of the central square we head in a slow and pleasant walk through the surrounding streets and there that presents the Mexican life, the old man who under the arcades rests with the bags of a simple shopping, the old woman who crosses the road to greet the friend who lives in front, the old cars that circulate fast and noisy bring life in the quiet yellow village.

At 18.30 we are moving in the silence of the Australian bush to a parking lot where everyone gathers to watch the show: Il Tramonto a Uluru or better the sunset of Uluru.

Silence becomes more and more unreal at every minute, people of all nationalities, without the need for presentations, knowledge beyond the linguistic limits, create a whole, a single group that, without any written rule or handed down, simply it remains silent overwhelmed by the power of nature, by the colors, which gradually intensify as the minutes go by in a general stupor.

The Sunset at Uluru is not just any sunset, it is not the sky that turns red, nor the sun that passes, which in fact leaves behind to look in the opposite direction.

Uluru lights up.

Minute after minute more and more the rock turns as if a lamp is lit from within, in an unreal silence stolen only by the subtle noise of the cameras that take pictures in sequence to steal and remember how the light from inside the rock increases gradually until it starts to go out and become gray, extinguished, asleep.

A rock, almost a living being that overwhelms us with its size and its inexplicable energy.




More than a flight, an experience of wonder, colors, animals, nature that we would never have imagined until we took off with the small plane from the Maun runway

Africa. Just this. Life, strength. You can not explain you have to live it.

From Africa it is back changed, it will no longer be like before. And if you fly over it even more you will enter the veins and understand why.