We, at Travelfurther, are big travellers. We started years ago with the incoming activity to Italy, where we live, through our headline operator named Viaggi Valdata. After acquiring a good experience in the incoming sector we have decided to turn our personal passion for travelling into an opportunity for other people, providing our customers with the very same experiences and the same learning pathway that inspired all of our travels. We don’t aim at being tourists. We aim at being travellers. We like to observe the world the way it really is. We never take neither we organise holyday trips. We just visit places to get to learn and understand them. This very same travelling concept, arisen from our personal and emotional inspirations, is applied to the trips we propose to our good customers, with a sensitivity for your own personal wishes and dreams.

However there’s something we must ask to our customers: be yourself eager to know the world and its diversity with a sense of respect for other cultures and other people’s habits, anywhere you will travel. Traveling is learning. Let yourself be conscious of the gifts that Pachamama (Planet Earth) can provide you and move your learning process a bit further at every new travelling experience.


I was born and raised in Italy, I a family of big travellers, getting the chance to listen to magical stories provided me by my closest relatives. I started travelling myself to check if what I heard as child was true.

I had the chance to explore the 5 continents making my trips more intensive and structured at every new departure.

At first I explored Europe, understanding more and more about arts and architecture, which were good but not enough to satisfy my appetite for more. I have therefore started exploring the world by picking up my travel choice from a book, a movie, a song, memories and my own personal feelings. All my travels have been planned after plenty of readings and researches about my destination.

I plan and design your tours with the very same passion and interest as if I had to do it for myself.

All the pictures in this website are mine.


I had the privilege of being born in Italy which is a Country where arts, architectures, food and wine culture are at their best. I therefore quickly felt the need to check what other Countries were looking like and.

I carefully choose my very first job as a tour leader, a profession that gave me the opportunity of exploring quite a big portion of the world. However, the “massive tourism approach” has never let me purely understand the real essence of the places I travelled through. I have started travelling myself the way.

I really wanted, getting to know local people at every stops of my journeys, understanding their culture, also having sometimes to face serious cultural differences that make my travels more difficult…but also extremely more interesting.